Escaped and on the Loose. We are still searching for Chewby

He tunneled out of our back fence, as he sometimes escapes up the street or grazes on the front lawn he usually comes home however once he saw the Back Badlands he was off like a Rabbit.

Easy to distinguish, very friendly, always has one ear up one down.

He is Micro-chipped.

Last seen in the Trott Park region of Adelaide. in the woods along the River / Southern Freeway
I am posting this Australia Wide as Chewby is important to us my wife and daughter are heart broken.

As he has been missing since Christmas and sadly perhaps it is a Fox, and we have a great Rabbit house and a fenced Rabbit yard that Chewby tunneled out from, but obviously we got to fill the hole he dug (cheeky boy) we would certainly consider adopting another Rabbit. (Especially one that has a floppy ear) We did plan on getting him a friend anyway, perhaps Chewby was lonely.
If you do have a kid friendly bunny who needs a long term loving home we are in the South Adelaide Region and we could go for a drive to adopt a friendly Bunny probably anywhere in South Australia.

Romana, Garry, Cassie and Jakai.. 0421 729 775